**LTH Cybersecurity Training Services Policy**


Effective Date: January 2024


Thank you for selecting LTH Cybersecurity for your cybersecurity training needs. Prior to engaging in our services, please meticulously review the subsequent policies.


**1. Training Services**


LTH Cybersecurity, herein referred to as "the Company," specializes in the provision of in-classroom training services pertaining to cybersecurity and business-oriented online hygiene. The curriculum employed adheres strictly to the CompTIA Security+ standards, thereby ensuring a comprehensive and industry-validated instructional framework.


**2. Instructor Certification**


The instructional staff engaged by the Company are duly certified in the domain of cybersecurity through the auspices of Masterschool. This certification attestation serves as a guarantee of the impartation of high-caliber and contemporaneous training.


**3. Venue Requirements**


The onus is placed upon the client to furnish an appropriate and suitable classroom space for the execution of the training sessions. It is expressly underscored that the Company does not provide the venue for said training sessions.


**4. Refund Policy**


Refund requests shall only be entertained if communicated prior to the stipulated presentation date. Post-commencement of the training, the Company shall not entertain any requests for monetary restitution.


**5. Customer Costs**


All ancillary costs associated with the training, encompassing but not limited to transportation and lodging, shall be borne exclusively by the client.


**6. Training Fees**


The fee structure for the provision of training services is delineated as follows:

- $1000 for classes accommodating up to 10 participants
- $1800 for classes catering to a maximum of 30 participants


**7. Material Ownership**


All instructional materials provided by the Company are proprietary and remain vested solely in the possession of the Company. Reproduction, sale, or any utilization thereof for pecuniary gain is expressly proscribed.


**8. Material Compliance**


The instructional materials, meticulously scrutinized for compliance with industry benchmarks, adhere rigorously to established standards, thereby underscoring the commitment to quality and relevance.


**LTH Cybersecurity Privacy Policy**


Effective Date: January 2024


**Information Collection**


LTH Cybersecurity may gather personally identifiable information, inclusive of names, contact details, and payment particulars, with a view to facilitating the seamless provision of training services.


**Utilization of Information**


The collected information is exclusively deployed for the purposes of delivering the contracted training services. The Company pledges not to disclose the personal information of clients to any third party.


**Security Protocols**


The Company employs industry-standard security protocols to safeguard collected information against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.


**Cookies Usage**


Cookies may be employed on our website to enhance the overall browsing experience. It is within the purview of the user to disable cookies through browser settings if such action is deemed desirable.


**Updates to Privacy Policy**


LTH Cybersecurity reserves the prerogative to effectuate updates or modifications to this Privacy Policy sans antecedent notice.